The History of Smafour


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The Students of XI MIPA 8 SMA N 4 Cibinong
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SMAFOUR or SMA Negeri 4 Cibinong is the youngest government high school in Cibinong, Bogor. As the youngest one it has had many good facilities and achievements. Thus, it becomes one of favorite school in Bogor, especially in Cibinong.

Actually it was not easy to write the history since we did not see the first construction directly. Fortunately there were so many resources that helped us much. From interviewing some teachers,
some previous students from the first generation we got many information and data about our beloved school.

We did some interviews for one month. After that we wrote the result of the interviews and collected it together to be a book of THE HISTORY OF SMAFOUR. As it is our English tasks so the book was written in English too.

By reading this book we hope the readers will get many useful information about SMA Negeri 4 Cibinong which is well known as SMAFOUR. We also hope this beloved school will be more famous
and can be the first educational institution chosen by people live in
Cibinong area.

Many thanks our delivered to our beloved English teacher, i.e., Ibu Neneng Hendriyani, M.Pd., who has supported us much to do the task on time and well. Without her guidance we could not complete the task properly. Big thanks too we delivered to our kakak kelas who
had graduated from this school and gave us many interesting stories about this school. May God bless you all. To all teachers who have helped us, thank you. We admitted that without all interviews done with the teachers we couldn’t get many data and facts needed. May Allah give you His Merci.
(The students of XI MIPA 8)

To avoid boredom as well as to improve their interest in learning foreign language especially English, sometimes as an English teacher I have to find something new that interesting for my students to do in English classroom. Whether it is for listening, reading,
speaking or writing activities that can make my students elaborate many useful information, facts, and data around them. One of them is by giving them this task; writing about the history of SMA Negeri 4 Cibinong.

Usually I asked 36 students to sit in a group of six. They got a certain topic about the theme. Then, they must do some activities to complete the task given. They could find the data, information
needed by interviewing some people; teachers, students, previous students. The result they got should be written and published. It is done to inspire other students to do the same things. Two books aresent to perpusnas, one book is sent to perpusda and one book is kept
at school library as authentic portopholio done by the students.

By keeping one book at school library it means that all writers of this book agree to share their information, facts and opinions about the organizations. All visitors also can get many benefit
information about the organizations as well as learn English language.

I hope this effort can open and inspire many English teachers and students to do the same. So, there will be many students who can write in English well. On the other words, they can master the
writing skill well. Finally, I am really proud of their efforts and hardworking in doing the task.
(Neneng Hendriyani, M.Pd_the English teacher of XI MIPA 8).

Well, this book tells us about Headmaster Little Note, English Teacher Little Note, XI IPA 8 Teacher Little Note, The History of Gen 1, The History of Gen 2, The History of Gen 3, The History of Gen 4, The History of Gen 5 and The History of Gen 6.

(Bogor, February 2020)

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